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The Best of Proctor's West:
An In-Depth Study of Eleven of Proctor's Bronzes 

The online database complements and expands upon the publication by providing thorough documentation on each of the eleven Proctor bronzes discussed. Visitors to the website can access foundry and casting information, listings of known castings' locations, provenance records, and some metallurgic analyses. The site is dynamic and will undergo systematic updates as more information becomes available and new images are found.

Searching the Database

  • Click on an individual bronze for a discussion of that bronze by Peter H. Hassrick
  • Click on VIEW CASTINGS for list of available bronzes
  • Click on VIEW FULL CASTING RECORD for detailed information and additional images
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By clicking on A.P. Proctor's image on the homepage, you will find:
  • Brief overview of the The Alexander Phimister Proctor Project
  • Artist's Timeline
  • Discussion of the XRF process and analyses when available

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